In 1997, Pastor Johnson received a call from God to surrender his life, which he accepted. Not many years following that life-changing event, in 1999 he accepted his call into ministry under the leadership of the late Bishop C.D. Kinsey. For the next few years he served faithfully under his leadership. Pastor Johnson also held many different titles in the church to help further the vision for the Kingdom of God under Dr. Carrie B. Kinsey.

Pastor Johnson believes that the keys to increasing churches today are spiritual commitment and personal involvement. He has committed his heart and life to Jesus Christ.

He compels others not to settle and to take their prayers, faith, giving, worship and praise to the next dimension. He encourages believers to acquire the necessary skills and to develop attitudes that promote spiritual growth and Godly wisdom. Pastor Johnson is honored to sit under the Leadership of Bishop T.D. Jakes.

Pastor Don Johnson is married to Prophetess Phaedra Johnson. They have three wonderful sons: Terrance, Donald and Jeremiah.